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First, I love Gurly Soaps and Purty Things!  Born and raised in New England, specifically Little Rhody!  My love of soaps was inspired by beautiful desserts!  I was in the hospitality business down South for 20 years and worked with incredible chefs that created beautiful works of art through food!

I love creating soaps that look  delectable and smell so delicious you want to savor them ... but just showcase or shower with them!

A lot of people that have purchased my soaps say they are too pretty to use, so I just want to showcase them or that soap is so yummy looking and smells so good, I want to eat it!  

I work out of my home creating all different types of soaps. I use all types of ingredients to give our customers something that they are looking for. 

We offer soaps for all types of skin concerns.

My daughter Kat, born and raised in South Florida creates incredible recipes and designs, keeping up with the younger generation's wants and needs, so when you look at our website there is something for everyone, young and young at heart!

We also take special orders, so if there is something that you would like that is not on our website please send us an email and we will do our best to make it for you!

Please Read About Our Ingredients before Use

We make our soaps and scrubs at our home, truly  homemade products which we hope you love because its been made with a whole lot of love!  Being made at home, please note that there could be traces of any and all ingredients that are listed and we are adding more and more different essential oils and fragrances to our soaps that are not listed whether it being made with Goats Milk,Donkey Milk, Lard,Glycerin, Double Butter, Shea or Lye Cold/Hot Press Soaps and All Scrubs. If you are pregnant/planning or have any allergies please consult with your PCP.    We hope you enjoy our Soaps & Scrubs.

Your Purty Gurly Gurls!

Kris & Kat

Purty Gurly Soap Ingredients (pdf)